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BVI Offshore Company Bank Account Introduction
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One of the most important tool to manage your BVI IBC (Offshore Company) is a Corporate Bank Account to enable the company conduct financial and monetary transactions. BVI IBC may open and manage a Corporate Bank Account in BVI or in any other jurisdictions.


To open the account for a BVI offshore company, all reputable banks will require a very detailed personal and business information from the owners and controllers of the offshore account.


Requirements required to establish your BVI corporate bank account:


(1)Identification (Photo ID), for example a certified copy of your passport passport or drivers license.

(2)Verification of a permanent address (a recent electricity bill or other utility bill)

(3)A bank reference

(4)Bank Account Application form completed and signed

(5)A certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (we will provide this)

(6)A certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (we will provide this)

(7)A board resolution which appoints the authorized signatories (we prepare it)


The standard set of IBC documentation (if properly certified by notary and legalised by apostille) will usually correspond to all formal requirements of most banks, as far as the internal structure and set-up of the company itself is concerned. However, as indicated above, in order to open a bank account for an offshore company, the most important aspect is that of the actual owners and controllers of the company, its business and manner of operation.


Please note that we provide you with BVI company bank account opening service includes the provision of and the assistance with the completion of bank account application forms, support and advice during the compiling of the client due diligence information and documents and assistance with submission of the account opening application file to the bank. However, we can not and we do not guarantee the success of the account opening. The success of a bank account opening for an offshore company is mostly dependent on the particulars of the client himself and his business, and banks routinely reject new clients based on their internal considerations and their new client acceptance guidelines. While we apply all possible effort to determine in advance whether a particular client might be accepted by a bank, this does not in any way guarantee the success of the account opening.


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