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Hong Kong Company Deregistration
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Requirements for deregistration


The company must be a solvent private company incorporated under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, other than those companies specified in section 291AA(16) or registered under Part XI of the Companies Ordinance, and must meet the following requirements:


1. All shareholders/members of the company agree to deregister the company

2. The company has never commenced operations, or has already ceased business for three months or more

3. The company does not plan to conduct business in the future

4. The company has no outstanding liabilities, including profit tax, property tax, stamp duty, business registration fee,

outstanding fines or penalities,court fees, obligations to the inland revenue department (such as pending annual return, assessable tax etc.).

5. The company has disposed of any existing trading stock, properties or securities


Who can file an application for deregistration

1. The company
2. A director
3. A shareholder


Deregistration application procedure

1. An applicant must submit to the Companies Registry:


(A)A duly completed form DR1

(B)A Notice of No Objection from the Commissioner of Inland Revenue (original copy)

(C)Any further information/documents that the Companies Registry may request in connection with the application


2. If the Companies Registry finds all documentation to be in order it will proceed to issue a Letter of Approval for the deregistration application within five working days.


3. The Registrar will then publish a notice of the proposed deregistration in the Gazette. If the Registrar receives no objection, within 3 months of publishing the notice, it will proceed with the deregistration process by publishing a final notice in the Gazette declaring the company to be deregistered and the applicant or nominated person will be duly notified of the same.


4. Upon the publication of the final notice the company will be dissolved.


5. You must notify the Business Registration Office of the Inland Revenue Department, in writing within 1 month of the date of cessation of business, to apply for a cancellation of Business Registration.


6. Until the company is deregistered, the company is still required to adhere to compliances, including the filing of annual returns and notification of situation of registered office.


7. Upon dissolution of the company, all the company s property (including credit balances in the company s bank account) shall be deemed to be bona vacantia and shall vest in the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. You are strongly advised to seek legal or professional advice to ensure the proper disposal of the company s property before making an application for deregistration of the company.


8. The whole process will take up to six months.


Our Hong Kong deregistration services

1.Review corporate documents and tax filing history to ascertain deregistration requirements have been met

2. Preparation of board meeting minutes and other documents for application of deregistration

3. Apply to the Inland Revenue Department for Notice of No Objection for Deregistration of a Defunct Company

4. Application for deregistration with the Companies Registry


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