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Close Down a Representative Office
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Registration of RO Cancellation


A foreign enterprise should apply to the registration authority for registration of annulment (cancellation) within 60 days as of the date when the following items arise in one of the conditions as follows:


1. the foreign enterprise revokes its representative office;

2. its representative office no longer conducts business activities upon the expiration of residency;

3. termination of the foreign enterprise;and

4. its representative office shall be revoked or ordered to close down by law.


Closing down a China Representative Office is not terribly difficult (it is easier than closing down a WFOE), but it must be handled correctly and a failure to do so can lead to all sorts of issues for the home company and for the person who acts as the designated Chief Representative, including jail.


The first and also the most critical step to take is tax clearance. You are going to be in big trouble if you cannot prove that you are not evading tax. The tax bureau is exceedingly serious about it. First, you need to contact the revenue officer, who was designated to manage your rep office’s taxation affairs in the process of the establishment of your rep office.


Apply to Tax Bureau for Guangzhou Representative Office Cancellation


Documents Required


1. The cancellation application form signed by the chief representative of the rep office,which usually includes:

(a) Reasons and causes of the office cancellation

(b) Time and registered number of approval of the office establishment
(c) The operational situation after the establishment

2. Registration certificate (like business license of a company)


3. Tax registration certificate (original and copy)


4. A board resolution to the closure of representative office with the chairman of board of directors’ signature and seal of the holding company


5. Tax audit report (Your application can never be approved if the tax bureaus officials find you haven’t paid sufficient tax or they suspect that you are guilty of tax evasion. Of course you can choose to simply leave China, but the tax bureau will put your company on the blacklist, and you will never be able to return to China and engage in any businesses. If you want to avoid taxation, do it smartly and offer a nice convincing tax audit report. It can take years for the closure of some rep offices with a lame tax audit report.)


One month after the approval of the tax audit report, the tax bureau will issue a “notice of cancellation of tax registration”.


Apply to Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce for RO Cancellation


Documents Required



1. the application form of the representative office cancellation;

2. Registration Certificate(original and copy)

3. Organizational Code Certificate (original and copy)

4. Notice of cancellation for tax registration

5. certification for the completion of liquidating related issues or related unfinished formalities for the representative office issued by customs and foreign exchange departments.

6. Work Permit of Chief Representative

7. Photocopy of the chief representative’s passport
8. Representative Office Seal

9.  Authorization Letter signed by Chief representative (4 copies)
10. Representative office’s written resolution to cancellation signed by chief representative(4 copies)

11. Other documents submitted as the SAIC prescribed.


After all those procedures are finished, a “notice of the approval of cancellation for registration”.

will issued bye the industry & commerce.


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