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Guangzhou Branch Office Registration
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Concept of Branch Office


A Branch office refers to a branch company engaged in business activities in its own name, established by head office in the place where is outside its registered address.


A Branch company does not have the status of enterprise legal persons, and the civil liabilities thereof shall be borne by the company, not have its own articles of association.


Advantages of Guangzhou Branch Office Registration


1. Branch ease of management and financial accounting system requirements are relatively simple

2. Cost of branch office maybe less than that of subsidiary.

3. Branch is not an independent legal entity, only turnover tax should be paid in the locality; Profits will be mergers to that of parent company. In the early stage of operation, branch offices are often at a loss, but the losses can be offset against corporation profits, reduce the tax burden;

4. Branch profits are usually delivered to the Corporation not subject to withholding tax

5. Because ownership change is not involved in the capital transfer between branch office and head office, no tax should be undertaken.


Disadvantages of A branch office


1. A branch is rarely ideal for substantial projects because the parent company runs the entire risk

2. Clients and banks may prefer dealing with an incorporated company rather than a branch office.

3. The parent company is fully liable for the liabilities of the branch


Name of Guangzhou Branch office:


The Name format of branch office is: full name of parent company + Guangzhou Branch Office.


Business Scope


Business Scope of Guangzhou Branch Office is similar with parent company. It can be narrow than that of parent company, but not be wider.


Documents Required for Branch Office Registration


1. Copy of Corporation Business License (duplicate)

2. Copy of Organization Code Certificate (duplicate)

3. Copy of National Tax Certificate (duplicate)

4. Copy of Local Tax Certificate (duplicate)

5. Copy of Bank Account Opening Permit

6. Copy of Articles of Incorporation

7. Copy of Legal Representative of head office

8. Branch Office addresses Certificate: 2x original leasing contracts, 2x copies of house property certificate and 2x landlord identification documents. (The lessee should be acted by chief representative, or under the name of company. The area is required no less than 30 ㎡ and for commercial use only with more than one year's rent and the lease should be endorsed by local Housing Management Authority.

9. Person in charge of Branch Office provides ID copy and 2 photos (2 inches size).

10. Appointment letter for person in charge of Branch Office issued by head office

11. Shareholder meeting resolution about agreement on setting up a branch office

12. Other relevant documents and certificates;

Note: All the copies should be with the seal of the enterprise and remarked as identical with the original.


Registration Procedure

1.Apply for the Business License to ICAB

2. Apply for chops to the Public Security Bureau

3. Apply for Organization Code Certificate to Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

4. Apply for the State and Local Tax Registration Certificates from Tax Bureau
5. State tax certificate registration

6. Local Tax certificate registration

7. Apply for permit for bank account opening,open RMB account.


Working Time Needed


The whole procedure will be finished within 20-25 working days (the time is calculated from all the required documents are already)


Our Service


1. Guangzhou Branch Office Business License

2. Having a corporate seal engraved by the public security authorities

3. Seal Carving Registration card

4. Organization Code Certificate 

5. Digital Certificate of Organization Code Certificate

6. National Tax and Local Tax Certificates

7. Assist bank opening, but not including the bank charges

8. Three stamps (company stamp, financial stamp and personal stamp of general partner)

All the certificates above include original one and duplicate one.


General Tax Information


All enterprises are required to report to the Tax Administration Department monthly, quarterly and annually. ZANYA provides accounting services for our clients; you are welcome to contact us for more information.


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